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Cummins will recall some of its engines because the engine control modules (ECM) may short out and blow a fuse.

The recall notice states an unexpected engine stall without the ability to restart the engine may lead to an increased risk of an accident.

The recall will cover 5,430 ISX12 and ISX15 heavy-duty diesel engines manufactured between March 7, 2016 and April 12, 2016.

In describing the cause of the defect, Cummins says engines are washed after assembly and testing, prior to being painted. The ECM Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) connector port is covered with a masking cap during this process.

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“During the identified time period, defective masking caps allowed wash water to enter certain ECM’s,” says the recall notice. “The wash water and/or the subsequent residue may create an internal short circuit on the printed circuit board that could possibly cause a blown fuse in the ECM’s electrical supply circuit.”

The recall is expected to begin July 7, and Cummins will notify owners and dealers and replace the ECM free of charge.

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