Whenever you are involved in an accident or any incident involving a potential claim, including non-contact events, immediate reporting is crucial.  As one of our policyholders, you can reach our qualified claims professionals at ANY TIME — all of whom are experienced in handling claims associated with your type of business.

The Information You Need

The information you gather at the accident scene can help speed up the claim process. Depending on the type of claim you are reporting, different information will be needed. Typically, however, the information should include, but is not limited to:

  • Name, address, home/work/cell phone numbers of all parties involved
  • Insurance information on the driver(s) and owner(s) of the other vehicles involved
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Location of accident (i.e., intersection, street address, city and state)
  • Description of damage and/or injuries
  • Make, model, color and license tag number(s) of other vehicle(s) involved
  • Description of accident
  • Name, address, home/work/cell telephone numbers of witnesses
  • Copies of accident reports from authorities who responded to the scene (including police, fire, EMS, etc.)
  • Advise if photos were taken at the accident scene

But most importantly, call Owner Operator Direct at 1-800-432-6608 immediately.