Commercial Truckers are Frustrated at the Docks

Why the long wait? 

Nearly 63% of commercial truck drivers spend more than THREE hours waiting at shippers’ docks each time they're getting loaded and unloaded, a new survey reveals. That's unacceptable! 

DAT Solutions surveyed 257 carriers and 50 broker customers. Just under 130 of the carriers said the wait times are “a very serious problem” to their operation, and about 160 said it ranks in the top-five challenges for the carrier.  50 additional carriers said it was the single biggest problem.

How long do you wait? 

How long do you wait? 

Nearly 70% of carriers say they are treated as if they are not even there when waiting at the dock. 

About 200 of the carriers said when they complain to a broker or shipper, problems are acknowledged, but nothing is done to correct them.

Finally, only 3% of respondents said they were able to collect detention fees on at least 90% of their claims, at a rate of $30 to $50 an hour.

How can the industry fix this problem? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


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