The Air Force is creating a course designed to mirror the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Commercial Driver’s License Test System model in an effort to turn government vehicle operator certifications into commercial driver’s licenses (CDL).

The Air Force’s goal is to enable examiners to certify government motor vehicle operators on commercial vehicle equivalents in accordance with federal motor vehicle safety regulations.

Commercial Driver's Licenses Help for Air Force Members

Senior Master Sgt. Thomas Karnes, the Air Force logistics vehicle operations superintendent, says, “This [will] ensure everyone is working off the same sheet of music. Once the program is wholly accepted and recognized by each state’s DMV, the intent is to provide a one-for-one swap for a military license to obtain a CDL for the applicable vehicle, without taking the additional tests. This helps us transition veterans into the commercial sector as well.”

Until an Air Force course is developed, Airmen examiners will undergo a 40-hour AAMVA certification course to learn how to administer and score the exam. The program will be tested at seven bases, with expectations that it will expand to 50 locations by October 2017.

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