High Speed Chase of 18 Wheeler Ends in Blazing Crash and Standoff

Fort Worth police had their hands full this weekend after a chase with an 18-wheeler ended in a blazing crash and a standoff in Arlington, TX  

The truck had hit speeds of 100mph (safe to say there was no speed limiter on board?), and sideswiped or directly hit several vehicles along the way.  

Somehow, there were no serious injuries reported.  

The driver is now identified as 35-year-old Jose Luis Cano Olivas.

After the truck finally crashed, snipers set up on an overpass with their scopes set on the 18-wheeler.  SWAT vehicles surrounded the truck after the man barricaded himself in the back of the cab.  

After it was determined he did not have a weapon, SWAT members moved in and pulled the suspect out of the vehicle.  He was taken away from the scene on a stretcher.  

Although he was acting "erratically," it was not clear if the suspect was under the influence; they were taking him to a hospital for blood testing.  The motive for the high speed chase, including whether or not the truck had been stolen -- was also unclear.  


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