The Top 20 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks for Truckers Revealed

Have you ever wondered what the worst congested bottlenecks were for truckers?

Well, wonder no more!

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) released their annual list of the top 100.
There are 250 specific locations throughout the country.

The ATRI analysis measures the impact of traffic congestion on truckers. It also develops some key performance behaviors within the nation's trucking system.

“Trucks move 70% of the nation’s goods, so knowing where there are kinks and slowdowns in the system is important for motor carriers and our professional drivers, making this analysis a key tool for identifying where and when to route our trucks to avoid congestion,” said Robert Lowe, President and CEO of Prime Inc., an international trucking leader in transportation of refrigerated and flatbed operations.

The ATRI ranked truck traffic congestion locations

They listed the top 100 congestion profiles in rank-order by congestion level. Each location has a detailed profile. ATRI analyzed each location using truck position and speed data. The data came from wireless onboard communications systems used by the trucking industry.

This method of study identified relevant commercial truck data in 2015. They gathered the data during the weekdays, and used an extensive truck GPS database. It involved more than 600,000 heavy duty trucks.

And who was the big winner this year?

For the second year in a row, that prize goes to "Spaghetti Junction" in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the intersection of Interstates 285 and 85 North.

The second place bottleneck award goes to I-95 at State Route 4 in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  

Without further adieu, here are the Top 20 worst bottlenecks in the USA: 


1) Atlanta, GA - I-285 at I-85 (North)

2) Fort Lee, NJ - I-95 at SR 4

3) Chicago, IL - I-290 at I-90/I-94

4) Louisville, KY - I-65 at I-64/I-71

5) Cincinnati, OH - I-71 at I-75

6) Los Angeles, CA - SR 60 at SR 57

7) Auburn, WA - SR 18 at SR 167

8) Houston, TX - I-45 at US 59

9) Atlanta, GA - I-75 at I-285 (North)

10) Seattle, WA - I-5 at I-90

11) Houston, TX - I-10 at I-45

12) Dallas, TX - I-45 at I-30

13) Houston, TX - I-10 at US 59

14) Atlanta, GA - I-20 at I-285 (West)

15) Chicago, IL - I-90 at I-94

16) Tacoma, WA - I-5 at I-705 / SR 16

17) Los Angeles, CA - I-710 at I-105

18) Federal Way, WA - SR 18 at I-5

19) Baton Rouge, LA - I-10 at I-110

20) Nashville, TN - I-24 at I-440 (North)

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