Is the Speed Limiter Mandate Dead?

President Trump’s recent executive order (EO) directing federal agencies to eliminate two prior regulations for every new regulation issued, has industry stakeholders convinced that the order is the death knell for the mandate to employ speed limiters on commercial motor vehicles.

Is the speed limiter mandate dead? 

The much-debated proposed federal rule was not popular with commercial vehicle operators, drawing widespread criticism from the industry. “[Trump’s regulatory] freeze, I think, is a death knell for the speed limiter mandate. That’s an easy one since so many in the industry have ripped it apart,” said Joe Rajkovacz, head of regulatory affairs for the Western States Trucking Association, commenting on the possible removal of the regulation.

Many other trade associations and individual drivers have been highly critical of the rule. Another Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation has already been halted.

FMCSA announced a delay in the effective date of a rule which would establish national minimum training standards for new commercial drivers. That rule, however, is expected by some to pass. 


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