Cargo Theft Might be Unusually High this 4th of July

The Long Weekend Brings a Higher Risk

The 4th of July is always a big cargo theft holiday.  But July 4th falling on a Tuesday this year makes it worse.  

SensiGuard and CargoNet are companies dedicated to recovering stolen cargo and reducing the chance of truckers becoming victims of cargo theft.

They have issued a Holiday Awareness bulletin reminding industry stakeholders that cargo theft rings will be highly active during this July 4th holiday.

More shipments are left unattended for extended periods of time due to the long holiday weekend, and with July 4th falling on a Tuesday this year, many facilities may be closed on Monday the 3rd, extending the weekend and resulting in longer stage times and lower security staffing.

Truck cargo theft might be especially high this 4th of July

In 2016, the SensiGuard Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) recorded an average loss value over the July 4th weekend of $365,453, which is 120% higher than the average loss value over the last two calendar years.

Some simple steps to take over extended holidays include:

  • Scheduling deliveries for Thursday and Friday before the holiday so your trailer is empty over the weekend
  • Make sure your load is secure and properly locked with a king pin lock for extra security, if you must park a loaded trailer
  • Park in a highly secure and well-lit area, if at all possible
  • Use a GPS
  • And finally, the obvious one:  Don’t talk about the cargo or what is in your trailer with anyone.

An extensive article published in Truckinginfo, offers six steps to thwart cargo theft year-round, and especially during the holidays.

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