FMCSA's ELD Summer Tour

Dazed and Confused

Up until a month ago, truckers across the country were banking on the Trump administration to kill the ELD Mandate.  That hope was crushed last month when the Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit against the FMCSA that questioned whether or not the law is constitutional.  

With the mandate becoming more of a reality, and a 12/8/17 implementation deadline looming, there has been a whole lot of confusion surrounding the upcoming ELD law, and the government is fully aware of it.  

Their answer?

The FMCSA is going on tour to educate truckers on the ELD Mandate

The FMCSA is going on tour to educate truckers on the ELD Mandate

Summer Tour

The FMCSA is going "on tour" across the country to educate truckers and all other commercial motor vehicle drivers on how to make the big transition to Electronic Logging Devices.  

Kind of like the Summer Tours you go to of your favorite music artists, but without all of the music, partying, good vibes or fun. 

The sessions will include subject matter experts from the FMCSA, who will walk drivers through the process step by step, teaching them what it will take in order for them to be compliant come this December, when the rule goes into effect.   

There will also be an interactive exhibit booth, where truckers will have access to ELD resources and materials. 

Now is probably a good time to remind our followers that Owner Operator Direct has also put together a handy guide of ELD basics to ensure compliance.  


Tour Dates and Locations

You can catch the FMCSA National ELD Tour at these dates and locations. 

You can also Click here to register for updates and alerts on the ELD Rule from FMCSA.

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