Bad News for Carriers with High Driver Turnover

Vigillo, a data firm that monitors Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations and crashes for approximately 2,000 trucking fleet customers throughout the United States, has completed a recent analysis of driver turnover data and concluded that fleets with the highest turnover rates generally have higher crash rates and poorer CSA scores than fleets with less driver turnover.

In a presentation given at the February 24th Recruitment and Retention conference in Nashville, Tennessee, Vigillo CEO Steve Bryan said that “There appears to be a pretty strong correlation between the safety culture that exists at a motor carrier, which can be measured in CSA and turnover rates.”

Driver Turnover

According to Vigillo’s data, carriers with high turnover also had... 

  • 181% more hours-of-service violations than carriers with low attrition
  • 182% more controlled substance violations
  • 211% more concerning both unsafe driving and vehicle maintenance
  • 213% more in driver fitness
  • 224% more crash indicators
  • 640% more hazmat violations

...although tank trucks weren’t responsible for most of those incidents, because the high number was skewed by trucks without tanks transporting flammable items.

Bryan cited the American Transportation Research Institute’s (ATRI) annual list of the top ten issues in the industry, calling it “almost a gravitational pull” between CSA and driver retention.


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