A recent, global survey of transportation executives, conducted by global advisory company Willis Towers Watson (WTW), found that digital vulnerability and rapid technological advancement rank among the top concerns for transportation industry executives.

The survey of approximately 350 corporate-suite executives in all corners of the world found that leaders in the transportation industry are generally highly concerned about cyber risks, from IT failures to outright hacks in a rapidly digitizing world.

Transportation, it seems, has always been an attractive target for those who want to cause havoc.

“By the very nature of the industry, it’s typically front page news,” said Mark Hue Williams, head of the transportation industry for WTW. “There is an element of media froth around cyber. That said, there is no doubt that cyber activity and breaches within organizations are becoming more prevalent,” continued Williams.

An example of the huge mess a rather simple cyber act can cause was the recent failure of a Delta Airlines computer system going down at the airport, stranding thousands of passengers for almost a full day.

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