Truck Crashes Continue to Rise

It was another terrible year on our nation's roadways.  Large truck and bus crashes continue to spike. 

We already know that truckers suffered more fatal injuries than any other occupation in 2015

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recurring annual report, Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2015, has been released with its 2015 statistics, the Agency’s latest year analysis of fatal, injury and property damage crashes across the country.

Why is this happening?  There are more cars on the road due to a better economy, a higher employment rate (more people driving to work), generally warmer weather leading to more travel, lower gas prices, and of course... more distracted driving with people multitasking on their smart phones.  

Here are the highlights:  


Information in the report is compiled by FMCSA’s Analysis Division from four major sources:  

The extensive, full analysis also reports on transportation trends – crash statistics for large trucks and buses over time; and people - information on drivers of large trucks and buses involved in fatal, injury and property damage only crashes, and on people killed or injured in large truck crashes.

As a sidenote:  Four states still haven't banned texting and driving... 


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